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Getting from plans to action is not easy. Especially in emerging areas like sustainability where few organisation can lean on best practises and past successes.  We help clients integrate the sustainability strategy in the way they operate and successfully reach ambitions.

At Ramboll Management Consulting we build our advisory on a solid transformation paradigm since too many organisations let change happen. With our help, we make change happen.

This requires a deliberate focus, clear KPIs and enablers to ensure progress according to plan. Implementing the right systems and have change agents and leaders play their part is vital to empower the sustainable change.

Our Transformation services within sustainability include

  • Stakeholder & Citizen Engagement
  • Organisational Design
  • Transformation Support
  • Institutional Capacity Building 
  • Management systems
  • Certification Support
  • Life Cycle Management (and actions, e.g. materials sourcing, sustainable manufacturing, supply chain management) 

More hands-on than most

What makes us stand out from the crowd is that we go further than just delivering your sustainability strategy.

Being part of a globally leading engineering consultancy, we are more operational than most, more hands-on than most. We combine the management consulting toolbox with technical sustainability expertise.
Similarly, we have specialist who can make sure implementation happen by supporting the organisational change journey. We establish processes and offer internal audits and generally assist the work on global standards such as ISO 14001. Via training or through the right management systems we enable continuous improvement in the most effective way. 

Engaging with stakeholders

Implementing sustainability initiatives of any sort in the public realm may well call for stakeholder and citizen engagement. In Ramboll we are constantly exploring new ways of engaging an organisation’s most important stakeholders to bring new insights and foster long-term collaboration. 

Integrating sustainability in business context positions companies strongly vis-à-vis investors, customers, suppliers, employees and local communities. This kind of engagement often gives a competitive advantage in itself and typically even a positive business case.

For cities, the same mechanism applies. Looking at city insights – many provided by Ramboll and C40 – citizens are ready for more climate initiatives, have higher willingness-to-pay for sustainable solutions, and a holistic approach to climate action delivers more benefits across organisational siloes. We help make that happen. 

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