Circular Economy

The transition to a circular economy will transform the way we produce and consume goods and services, minimising resources and energy use, environmental impact and waste generation, while enabling economic prosperity within planetary boundaries.


Patrick Moloney

Patrick Moloney

Market Director, Strategic Sustainability Consulting
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Benita Kidmose Rytz

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Corey Barnes-Covenant

Senior Manager

At Ramboll we provide integrated solutions and guidance to our clients to enable them navigate a complex circular transition. 

The circular economy presents new business opportunities whilst optimising operations across the value chain. However, it is the desire to move from value leakage to value capture (via value creation) that is at the heart of the transition to the circular economy.

Redefining how to capture value

We work with our clients in identifying value leakage, developing and fostering opportunities for value creation but, above all, capturing value via redefining overall operational structures, business models and processes of internalization. 

Within Circular Economy we help clients with e.g.: 

  • Metrics Development matching existing business realities and challenges
  • Policy & Regulation interpretation & application
  • Circular baseline line assessment including benchmarking as well as internal and comparative assessment
  • Circular strategy development and planning with emphasis upon a clear business case but also integrated into an enterprise’s broader strategy and planning
  • EU Taxonomy alignment both of investment funds/investors and non-financial companies
  • Business model development and circular Innovation
  • Circular economics & finance by informing strategies and decision-making processes, assess value for financial services, financial flow analysis in the circular economy, etc.

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