Decarbonisation & Climate Resilience

The necessity to decarbonise for both the public and private sector is now an imperative. At Ramboll we focus upon creating decarbonisation & mitigation roadmaps drawing upon interconnected solutions. 

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Bram Miller

Technical Director, Strategic Sustainability Consulting
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Daniel Kielhorn

Daniel Kielhorn

Senior Market Manager, Strategic Sustainability Consulting
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Niki Bey

Senior Manager
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We understand the necessity to convert pathways, scenarios and roadmaps into concrete tangible results that are economically viable. This applies both to cities and municipalities as well as to private industry and business.

However, it is important to recognise that even with aggressive decarbonisation targets, the climate will continue to change and thus, building resilience is essential.

A balanced transition

Our specialists implement & integrate solutions that address climate resilience both within the realm of cities and infrastructure as well as private enterprise.

A transition to a low carbon economy, however, needs to be a just transition. We draw upon our deep routed social expertise to ensure the just transition is fully adhered to and relevant measures integrated into all our solutions.

Within Decarbonisation & Climate Resilience we help clients with e.g.:

  • Decarbonisation (Net Zero) & Climate Action Strategy, Planning and Integration creating clear pathways and roadmaps with associated economic and financial analysis
  • Climate change risk assessment quantifying the economic, physical, social and environmental impact of climate-related risks and opportunities under different scenarios
  • Resilience Planning providing guidance with respect to understanding hazard, exposure and vulnerability
  • Regulatory & policy guidance including IPCC and EU Taxonomy related policy
  • Just transition policy & framework design mitigating the negative impacts of the transition to a low carbon and green economy
  • Science-Based Targets setting, planning and implementation including scheduling, scenario analysis and economic assessment
  • Climate finance, disclosures & reporting including the provision of guidance on climate finance architecture, analysis & assessment, CDP, TCFD etc.
  • Ecosystem services towards balanced decision on protecting and enhancing biodiversity.

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