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Resilience is the capacity of a system, be it a city, utility or a business, to deal with change and continue to develop. It is about the capacity to use shocks and disturbances like a financial crisis, climate change or indeed a pandemic to spur renewal and innovative thinking.

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Martin Bodensten

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Henrik Stener Pedersen

Henrik Stener Pedersen

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We work with both the public and private sector to ensure that policies, governance, infrastructure and structures are in place to ensure an ability to both absorb shocks and build back stronger to ensure that support and incentivise investments in a sustainable and resilient future for all.

Be ready to cope

For a city, it could involve having the resources and leadership structures in place to help cope with and recover from a natural disaster or severe weather, whilst maintaining key services and functions.

For a private enterprise it could entail the ability to quantify exposure and estimate vulnerability to a pandemic (the hazard) and put in place requisite systems, structures and business models that can cope with the hazard. 

Within Resilient Societies & Business we help clients with e.g.:

  • Risk Diagnosis via application of a three-dimensional approach to determining risk i.e. hazard identification, exposure quantification and vulnerability assessment
  • Impact Assessment including evaluation and quantification of hazards across multiple components including physical assets, financial consequences, human & social capital,, supply chains, etc.
  • Resilience strategy & planning for both public and private sector to provide strategic guidance and put plans in place to ensure the ability to recover, adapt, innovate and transform
  • Cost benefit analysis and financial assessment of resilience investments e.g. resource efficiency, supply chains, social value & cohesion
  • Evidence-Based policy development based on vigorous methodology and sector insights
  • Good governance and management structure design, development and implementation to build resilience.

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Ramboll part of New European Bauhaus

The European Commission has launched the so-called New European Bauhaus Initiative. The initiative is a collective effort to imagine and build a future that is sustainable, inclusive and beautiful.

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Supporting city cooperation on sustainable, integrated urban development

The European Commission has appointed Ramboll Management Consulting to develop City Partnerships on sustainable and integrated urban development between cities in the European Union and cities in Canada, South Africa and Asia.

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A recalibrated post-Covid recovery: planning for a low-carbon, sustainable and resilient future

In light of COVID-19, our experts share why countries need to recalibrate their economies, starting with a sustainable recovery and protecting themselves against future shock.

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