Social Sustainability

We work with both the public and private sector to ensure that economic growth and green transition is not only successfully achieved but is inclusive.


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Every human being is entitled to basic dignity, needs, and freedoms. This includes basic human rights but also labour and employee welfare as well as diversity, equality and inclusion. 

Inclusive growth and just transition entails practices and processes that not only pay heed to relevant regulations and policies, but also deliver social value through job creation and through governance and initiatives placing equity, diversity and inclusion at the very centre of the strategy. 

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Strengthening the social side of sustainability

By prioritising socially inclusive growth and just transition, public and private organisations are strengthening the social cohesion in the community while also realising tangible benefits such as stakeholder cooperation and relations, increased innovation and improved operational efficiencies as well as an overall reduction in risk including that to reputation, supply chain and compliance. 

Within Social Sustainability we help clients with e.g.:

  • Just Transition Strategy, Planning & Assessment including policy design, regulatory framework and program development
  • Equality, diversity & inclusive growth including metrics development & benchmarking, process design, governance structures development, compliance management
  • Social value & impact assessment including setting and measuring targets regarding social value and impact of policies and investments on local communities
  • Social finance & investments (SRI) including framework development for accounting, measuring and maximizing social value, portfolio alignment, risk assessment & screening, stewardship, impact assessment & quantification
  • Social innovation, transformation & change including organizational analysis & design, strategic foresight, scenario planning, benefit realisation
  • Human rights & responsible sourcing including due diligence, risk assessment, policy & strategy, responsible procurement, monitoring & evaluation

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A Quick-Guide to Just and Inclusive Transitions

Get a quick overview of why we need to act, the key social issues, and what must be done to secure a just and inclusive transition.

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