Sustainable Finance

We provide our clients with a better understanding of the complex interaction between the economy, society and the environment and provide valuable insight into how this balanced approach can be made more sustainable.


Stefanie O'Gorman

Director of Sustainable Economics
Patrick Moloney

Patrick Moloney

Market Director, Strategic Sustainability Consulting
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Sanni N. Breining

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Our economists combine data and analytics with impact assessment and impact evaluations, forecasting and scenario analysis to help our clients learn from the past, understand the present and model the future.

We explore wealth creation, green innovation funds, green loans, assess the risk between climate and environment as well as evaluate the impact of both existing and anticipated sustainability policy. Also, we help clients navigate the EU Taxonomy and similar initiatives under the EU Green Deal in a holistic view on sustainable finance.

Sustainability criteria is essential

The inclusion of sustainability criteria in the financial sector, and broader economic actors, is essential to address the future challenges.

We guide our clients with respect to integrating environmental, social or governance (ESG) criteria into their investment decisions and overall operations as well as identify sustainability risks that may affect or impact upon financially driven decisions. 

Within Sustainable Economics & ESG we help clients with e.g.:

  • ESG Investments strategy, planning, portfolio management and integration
  • Economic impact assessment & evaluation including econometric and statistical analysis as well as formative & summative impact evaluation of policies and programmes
  • Social value measurement & inclusive economics setting and measuring targets regarding social value and impact of policies and investments
  • Circular Business Growth, Innovation and business model development
  • Economic & Cost Benefit Assessment using estimation methods such as cost estimation, break-even analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Natural Capital Accounting & Ecosystems Valuation tailored to specific client needs on a corporate or project-level basis
  • EU Taxonomy navigation, guidance and alignment including scoping, technical screening, KPI allocation and reporting
  • Sustainable finance/ESG disclosures & reporting including NFRD, SFRD and TCFD requirements.

Helping clients with Decarbonisation & Climate Resilience

Align you business with the EU Taxonomy

Find out more about how Ramboll can help you with the taxonomy.

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Proactive ESG: creating value and managing risk

Learn how Ramboll can help with strategic and practical solutions for business sustainability and risk management that combine opportunity with long-term resilience and adaptability

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Sustainability Roadmaps: Walking the talk one step at a time

We all need to walk the talk on sustainability. But how do we know what steps to take? In this hands-on article, Ramboll’s Regin Røndal-Liniger, explains how to use sustainability roadmaps to move from high-level strategies to specific actions and thereby nurture sustainable change.

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Balco Group AB and the EU Taxonomy

One of Northern Europe's largest producers of balconies has entered into an agreement with Ramboll with the purpose to assess whether and to what extent their activities are aligned with the EU Taxonomy.

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