Meet our experts - Niki Bey and Karin Simondon

With hundreds of consultants and backed by more than 15,500 colleagues in the Ramboll Group, our clients draw on immense expertise. A rapidly growing area of expertise is sustainability.

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Niki Bey

Senior Manager
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Karin Simondon

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In this Q&A-article you can meet two of those experts. Read on and learn more about their work and hear how the field of sustainability has evolved in recent years.

Meet Niki Bey

What do you work with?

Together with my colleagues, I help clients with their sustainability work, irrespective of where they are on their journey; be it “from scratch”, i.e. identifying focus areas that are material to them, over to determining levers, creating strategies and setting goals, all the way to integrating concrete new or adapted activities, technologies, indicators, processes and business approaches.

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far?

I’ve worked in this field for over 20 years so there are many highlights and great experiences.

My most cited scientific paper was on drivers and barriers for implementing environmental actions in production companies and I’ve had the privilege to work with this topic across cultures and geographies. All of which taught me a lot about how both drivers and barriers differ greatly from place to place.

Speaking of cultures and geographies, I was also fortunate enough to sit on Kimberly-Clark Corporation's (USA) Sustainability Advisory Board for two years applying my knowledge in a truly global, corporate context.

What are the most exciting developments within your field of work?

Locally and globally alike, for me the most exciting development is actually twofold:

There is a clear trend that sustainability has reached the board rooms of many organisations, i.e. it has reached utmost attention in executive management circles 

And secondly; ambitious long-term goals – with absolute reduction targets, rather than relative ones – are becoming more and more common. What makes this even more interesting from my perspective is that this trend is backed, and even triggered by international research and global societal movements. 

So, sustainability is becoming mainstream in society and business – and we at Ramboll Management Consulting have the skills to propel and accelerate this development.

Facts about our sustainability expert:

Niki Bey
Senior Sustainability Manager

Niki holds a PhD in environmental selection of engineering materials and manufacturing processes (acquired in Denmark) and a MSc in mechanical engineering (acquired in Germany), major in manufacturing technologies and logistics.

Niki was previously Associate Professor in Life Cycle Management at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Meet Karin Simondon

What do you work with?

I work on consulting projects for private companies, covering a wide range of topics, sustainability mostly but also other adjacent areas. 

As a company Ramboll is leading within several sectors and those are also my focal point - for instance buildings and energy. I'm specializing within sustainability services for corporate clients, such as sustainability strategy, CO2 impact assessment, waste management, social impact, and so on.

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What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far?

I worked for a client, a manufacturing company within the construction sector, supporting them in the development of a sustainability strategy by closely linking it to business opportunities.

We identified three commitments for the company going forward relating to social and environmental impact that are being developed and implemented by the company just now. – I really enjoyed helping the company take solid steps towards sustainable change.

What is the most exciting development within your field of work? 

For sure the development of the sustainability topic among private companies. This is a wide topic across numerous sectors and fields of expertise which is developing very fast. Today, companies acknowledge that considering the social impact and the environmental impact is not hindering business potential but actually fosters long-term business potential.

Some clients have a well-defined sustainability strategy already and are now looking for ways to launch initiatives or to develop some specific areas.

Other clients are at the very beginning of the sustainability journey and mainly need to understand what it is about and what is in it for them. Regardless of starting point, we see a rising need in the private sector, and this means many more exciting projects coming up for us.

Facts about our expert:

Karin Simondon

Karin was previously employed at German consultancy Roland Berger where she has been working for 6 years at both the Paris- and the Myanmar office.

Ramboll Services

Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Niki and Karin are both part of our Strategic Sustainability Consulting team. They provide strategic sustainability leadership and guidance to clients on their journey towards sustainability.

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