Download "Building Blocks for Resilient Cities"

Download "Building Blocks for Resilient Cities"

Our experts have put together a number of primers with building blocks for resilient cities.

In this collection of articles – in our new format, Primers – we have synthesised key learnings that have been central in adding value to urban planning processes and city solutions.

The purpose is to equip our urban stakeholders around the world with a set of tools that allow for informed decisions when it comes to ensuring resilient cities. In each Primer, we have identified a key area that can be a defining factor when cities are working to become more resilient.

1. How public decision making can make cities livable

It is a rather simple task to build energy efficient buildings or transport facilities. The challenging part is to create solutions that contribute to building resilience, while also enhancing quality of life in a city.

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2. Cloudburst and flooding – a catastrophe or an opportunity?

With the change in weather patterns caused by climate change, many cities experience heavy and unexpected rain storms, at times causing flooding. However, any city can benefit from building resilience to the changes.

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3. Making the dream real: Climate-friendly urban mobility

Transport infrastructure is an integrated part of designing cities to maximise resilience towards climate change.

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Box with the text District Energy can reduce energy consumption by 50%
4. Creating cost-effective and low carbon cities

With the push that comes from urbanisation, economic growth, growing industry needs and changing energy needs, local governments must plan the improvement of the energy and building infrastructure.

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5. How public involvement can improve climate solutions

When developing a city’s climate adaptation plans, it is critical to involve and engage with all stakeholders. This, however, is not always done. If you make a decision before you engage, this can result in suboptimal solutions and lack of power to implement.

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Box with the text 43 trillion US Dollars - the potential value losses of a future with 6 degrees Celsius of warming
6. How to pay for an unknown future
Adapting to climate change is a financial burden which cities must bear. This means that they need to identify financing options, often requiring a new mindset and knowledge.

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7. How to adapt buildings to the climate reality

Buildings take up a lot of Earth’s capacity to support human existence. Approximately 40% of our total energy consumption is related to buildings.

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All primers in one document: Seven building blocks for resilient cities
Read all the seven articles here in one document.

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