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As one of the leading design companies globally, we offer our clients a wide range of consultancy services within the Telecom sector.

Borås, Sweden

Raising a 300m mast in record time.

In record time and under severe weather conditions, Ramboll managed to design, fabricate and raise a 300m tall broadcast mast. The mast is more than three times taller than the Big Ben in London.

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Ramboll wins Corporate Vision Telecom awards 2019

28 August 2019

Ramboll has been named the Best Telecom Tower & Mast Design specialists 2019 at the Telecom awards by the Corporate Vision magazine based out of UK.

Ramboll wins Best Impactful Thought Leader at the Smart City Awards in Jaipur

28 September 2018

At the prestigious award ceremony held in Jaipur last night, Ramboll received the Best Impactful Thought Leader Award in recognition of our innovative smart city solutions.

Towers and Telecom at a glance

With 75 years of experience in telecom infrastructure and project references on 6 out of 7 continents, Ramboll can support towers & telecom clients on a global scale.

Leading design company

We are ranked among the top 3 design companies globally by ENR within ‘Masts & Towers’.

150,000 masts and towers

More than 150,000 masts and towers around the world bear the Ramboll stamp.

150,000 site assessments

We have performed assessments for more than 150,000 telecom sites worldwide


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