The movement of people ensures that our cities thrive and grow. But as the world’s population increases, and globalisation and urbanisation continue to intensify, we will have to transport an ever-greater amount of people in and between cities.

Overloading transportation systems results in congestion, air pollution and global warming. There is a need to rethink how we deliver transport services and shift to low-carbon modes of transportation such as trains, buses and bicycles.

Copenhagen Metro


Richard Beard, Managing Director, Ramboll Transport and Middle East & Asia Pacific

Richard Beard

Managing Director, Transport and MEAP
T: +971 4 3343616


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Ramboll’s 3,600 transport specialist work together with national and transport authorities and cities to develop holistic mobility solutions. We provide a range of services, spanning from project inception to the end-of-life cycle and we partner with contractors to ensure that transportation projects are delivered with a minimum of risk and cost.

Our global divisions of Aviation, Bridges and Tunnels and Rail, Metro and Light Rail combine our Nordic heritage of cost-efficiency and high standards with a local presence across the globe. The Smart Mobility division has unmatched experience in delivery of low-carbon transport solutions, and how digitalisation and new business models enable integrated mobility.  Whether it be an airport, bridge, ports or marines, railway or road we offer every service required for project development, design, completion and maintenance.

As a separate and independent inspection body within the Ramboll Group, Ramboll ICB carries out inspections in various areas of rail safety.


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Infrastructure & Transport engineering and consultancy services

Read more about our Infrastructure & Transport services in our capability statement.

Enabling sustainable mobility

Feature article about mobility and value engineering

It is essential to optimise each and every detail in the large-scale infrastructure projects to make the most of the innovative investments in the short and evenly important - the very long run. Value engineering is key in long-standing mobility projects.


Fehmarnbelt between Denmark and Germany

In the future Scandinavia and the rest of Europe will be connected by the world's longest road and rail tunnel.

Mumbai, India

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

A new 21.8 km bridge to connect Mumbai and Navi stimulating economic growth in India. 

Ramboll: Queensferry Crossing. Image courtesy of Transport Scotland

Queensferry Crossing

The Queensferry Crossing sits within a beautiful bridge-scape representing three centuries of bridge innovation. It is the UK’s tallest bridge and the world’s longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge.

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