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Noise from road traffic, railways, and industrial machinery can have a negative impact on human health, communication and productivity. In order to improve acoustic ambience, regulating bodies have reinforced certain rules and regulations. These rules are now part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of all major infrastructure projects.

Acoustics mapping


Richard Beard, Managing Director, Ramboll Transport and Middle East & Asia Pacific

Richard Beard

Managing Director, Transport and MEAP
T: +971 4 3343616

Ramboll has experienced specialists dedicated to comply with EIA and offer the expertise needed to address all these challenges.

Our acoustic services include planning advice and surveys for building acoustics, environmental noise and vibration, and acoustic performance. Our project experience covers a wide range of acoustic environments, from public spaces such as market squares and parks, the environment along roads and railways, to commercial spaces including offices, hotels, and shopping centres.

Effective noise surveys, analysis and protection

We use sophisticated computer programmes and sound measuring equipment to perform noise calculations. Our findings are used to help our customers identify the optimal solutions for proper noise protection, such as noise barriers, low noise pavement, and extra façade insulation on buildings.

We provide the facts you need to make your decisions and plan for the future, and enable you to have a dialogue with decisions makers, authorities, and the public. By using state-of-the-art computer models according to internationally recognised standards, we provide noise maps showing the noise impact levels at the present and future situations compared with noise limits. The calculations used for noise mapping are based on a combination of information collected in cooperation with you and the application of our know-how.

By utilising a 3D model along with the calculations, we have the ability to not only see but also listen to a model. This can be used to establish external environmental noise when planning a new urban area, and room acoustics when designing a lecture hall or conference centre.

Creative and innovative approach

Our expertise enables us to provide a unique range of acoustic services covering all aspects of planning advice, environmental noise and vibration, surveying and acoustic performance and building acoustics.

Our services

  • Calculation or control measurement of noise from roads and railways to assess their environmental impact
  • Specification of sound requirements for acoustic programmes
  • Identification of noise reduction solutions that satisfy both the regulations and our customers’ wishes
  • Collaboration with other consultants regarding acoustics dimensioning or choice of products
  • Utilisation of 3D models to see and listen to the sound or noise for both environmental noise and room acoustics
  • Final inspection and control measurement or calculations.

The Ramboll Acoustics network comprises specialists on all issues related to environmental noise (incl. industry, road, traffic, rail, air, offshore) and building acoustics.

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