International Transport Studies and IFI projects

International Financing Institutions (IFI), such as World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), African Development Bank (AfDB) etc. play an important role in financing infrastructure projects and building capacity in developing countries.

Roads and rail tracks in Addis Ababa


Fosca Romani

Fosca Romani

Senior Project Manager
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Innovation and development of holistic and sustainable solutions

Over the next fifteen years countries will mobilise efforts to address poverty, inequality and climate change. Mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) in the work of the IFI's is essential for realising the SDG's.

Ramboll assists donors, financial institutions, governments, infrastructure owners and authorities, investors and other decision makers, with preparation of national/regional master plans, feasibility studies, specialized studies, transport master plans, capacity building and training. Ramboll is highly experienced working for government entities on projects financed by e.g. development banks, such as WB, ADB, AFDB, EU, EIB, and EBRD, and in fulfilling the specific requirements of the development banks and financial institutions.

IFI projects and International Transport Studies

Ramboll has extensive experience when it comes to Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP), Climate Adaptation and Resilient infrastructure, Asset Management, Rail studies, and Marine and Coastal Studies. We combine our design and engineering specific domain know-how with the strategic understanding of training, processes and governance structures. We work with local partners in order to fully understand the local context, and to ensure knowledge sharing and the successful completion of projects. Ramboll operates across IFI-projects in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

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Roads and rail tracks in Addis Ababa

Planning and Implementing Sustainable Transport in Addis Ababa

The objective of the Strategic Comprehensive Transport Development Plan (SCTPD) for Addis Ababa commissioned by AACRA is to appropriately address the transport and mobility challenges identified in Addis, by proposing and planning the implementation of new transport strategies and projects for the city, that are feasible from economic, financial, technical and environmental viewpoints and embraced by the involved authorities and the public.

IWT Terminals

Implementing improved cargo handling facilities in IWT terminals in Bangladesh

The overall goal of the project was planning and construction of two new IWT cargo terminals. Ramboll in association with partners in Bangladesh, have performed a feasibility study and detailed design of 2 new IWT cargo terminals in Pangaon and Ashuganj. In both locations new berthing facilities and improved cargo handling facilities will be implemented. 

Tbilisi, Georgia

Preparing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Tbilisi

This study is intended to prepare a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the Tbilisi metropolitan area. The SUMP aims at the creation of effective and inclusive transport system ensuring equal accessibility and sustainable mobility to and within the city.


Building project implementation capacities and skills of Metrorex

The overall objective was to assist the European Investment Bank (EIB) in their support to the Bucharest Metro Company (Metrorex SA), with an emphasis on the project management, including preparation, procurement and implementation of projects. METROREX intended to create a Project Management Unit (PMU) that could support all the Project Implementation units (one per main project) within the organisation. Ramboll assisted the PMU with: Project Preparation and Implementation as well as Procurement.

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