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What is the probability that a ship will collide with a bridge? Or how do we secure our buildings in a safe manner to protect against critical events?
Risk analyses are all about envisaging and describing unforeseen events and modelling the probabilities and consequences.

Project and portfolio management


Søren Randrup-Thomsen

Søren Randrup-Thomsen

Head of Department
T: +45 5161 6518
Jens Chr. Bennetsen

Jens Chr. Bennetsen

Head of Center of Excellence for Advanced Simulations
T: +45 5161 6475
With more than 20 employees Rambøll Risk and Safety is the leading Danish provider of risk analysis and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) consultancy services. We manage and perform risk analysis and risk management from the early beginnings of a project until decommissioning. We carry out a wide range of more detailed risk studies as described below. Our clients cover a wide spectrum of service areas such as transport, infrastructure, buildings and environment.

Areas of expertise

Quantified Risk Analysis 

Quantified Risk Analysis (QRA) is dealing with a detailed modelling of event probabilities and consequences and covers the following

  • Bridges – ship collision, traffic load modelling, wind load modelling
  • Tunnels – fires and explosions, evacuation, emergency planning
  • Transport – railway safety (RAMS), Navigational risk, road and rail accidents
  • Energy – human safety, availability, reliability
  • Process plants – ATEX, Land use planning, Authority approval, SIL requirements
Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management is a systematic approach to identify and reduce risks related to project execution or to company daily production and covers project cost overrun, delays and quality as well as risk management of project execution – day to day based risk assessment and follow up. 

Ramboll provides RamRisk as a risk management tool for any type of project. With 24/7 online access, you can manage your risks anytime and anywhere. RamRisk is developed and hosted by Ramboll.

Watch this video presenting the basic functionality of RamRisk.

Mathematical modelling and advanced data analyses 

As an integrated part of a risk analysis – or as a separate service - the Risk and Safety department performs advanced data analyses and mathematical modelling tasks. The department uses both state-of –the-art commercial software tools (MatLab, @RISK, HUGIN etc.) and develops its own tools and models suited to solve the specific problem at hand.

Computational Fluid dynamics 

An Advanced Flow Engineering group within the department works exclusively with fluid dynamics and has experience on an international level in building and analysing CFD models. The works includes tasks in Denmark and abroad within e.g. wind environment, wind and wave loading, indoor ventilation, fires and explosions. Advanced computer simulation models (ANSYS, CFX) are applied in the work.

More information

Managing the wind

Wind is a determining factor in the outdoor environment. Ramboll Risk and Safety is a key player in estimating the wind challenges in a given situation. Download the brochure "Designing the Wind"

Managing the risks in wind power

The department of risk and safety in Ramboll specializes in all aspects of risk management in wind projects.

Download Mitigating the risk in wind power

Project Risk Management

The department of risk and safety specializes in identifying the risk profile in major projects in order to mitigate the risk.

Download Project Risk Management

RamRisk - professional risk management tool

RamRisk is a web-based risk register supporting optimal handling of risks and opportunities.

Read the brochure "RamRisk - professional risk management tool" - or visit the RamRisk risk management website

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