Transport planning

As urbanisation becomes more pronounced, traffic management becomes more challenging. We help our customers meet today’s high demands for improved transportation systems and increased mobility by navigating the complex challenges associated with the planning and design of cities and transport systems.

Emonika mixed use development, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ramboll


Jukka Pekka

Jukka-Pekka Pitkänen

Global Division Director, Smart Mobility
T: +358 40 738 4190
Richard Beard, Managing Director, Ramboll Transport and Middle East & Asia Pacific

Richard Beard

Managing Director, Transport and MEAP
T: +971 4 3343616

Whether we’re working on small-scale traffic projects or extensive national and international planning projects, our number one priority is to create safe and flexible infrastructure and transport systems. To achieve this, we focus on creating the right balance between heavy and light road users. We also build many types of models – from complicated transport models to 3D visualisations of a simple junction – to ensure that solutions are as effective as possible. Throughout the process, we work hard to improve the visual environment in both urban and rural environments.

Traffic and community planning and strategies

Transport planning can be key to unlocking the value of a site. Our specialists have a clear understanding of the interplay between public policy and project needs. We work with planners, developers, architects and operators, as well as multidisciplinary engineering teams, to develop and negotiate the right solutions.

Ramboll has the expertise and software for carrying out traffic impact studies, and traffic simulations for road, rail, and pedestrian traffic, regardless of the country and location. Our planning services include:

  • City-wide transport plans
  • Parking lots
  • Bicycle route planning
  • Travel habit studies
  • Pre-studies for transport investments
  • Evaluations of transport measures
  • Transport strategies on local and regional levels
  • Public transport
  • Urban logistics.

Traffic safety plans

Ramboll excels at creating comprehensive traffic safety plans at the community and municipality level. To facilitate the making of traffic safety plans, we collect information about the present status of traffic safety and potential problems.

Registration and analysis of traffic accidents having occurred in the planning area constitute an important part of the process. These are examined with Ramboll’s LITU software and based on geoinformation systems. Mobility habits, detected problems, and perceived traffic safety are investigated with resident surveys.

The first phase results form the basis for the problem analysis. Based on the problem analysis, we set both quantitative and functional goals for traffic safety and mobility management. Additionally, we define the focus areas of traffic safety work. These constitute the starting point for developing solutions to improve traffic safety.

The overall planning work typically focuses on the following:

  • The analysis of the correlation between road accidents and road/traffic conditions
  • The analysis of the interplay between drivers, vehicles, the surroundings, and other factors pertinent to road safety
  • Measures to reduce the accident risk in road traffic
  • The formulation of road safety aims and visions
  • The registration and analysis of road accidents.

Sustainable transportation & environment

  • Analysis of environmental consequences
  • Analysis of socioeconomic factors.

Traffic analysis and geographic information systems (GIS)

  • Road Informatics – Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Traffic simulation with micro, meso, and macro simulation
  • Traffic operation (signals, control systems, etc.)
  • Surveys
  • Demand and impact analyses.

Research and development

  • Guidelines
  • Model development
  • Research projects

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Improved mobility for schools in the Municipality of Gentofte

Ramboll has developed a proposal for a comprehensive network of cycling routes in the Municipality of Gentofte. The aim is to improve mobility and accessibility for all schools in the municipality.

Trafiksikkerhed i byplanlægningen

Guidance on traffic safety for urban planners

Ramboll has collaborated with the Danish Road Directorate on a guide on traffic safety intended for urban planners in municipalities and private companies.

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