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Ramboll’s analytical laboratories provide specialized high-quality data and environmental analysis to private- and public-sector clients who are addressing issues related to climate change, environmental protection, natural resources, and human health and safety.


Robin Richards

Robin L. Richards

REM, Principal
T: +1 703 516 2431

Global demand is on the rise for environmental and health assessment and analysis of air quality, water, soil and sediment, as well as food and consumer products. Ramboll offers a wide range of laboratory services including technology-based research.

Our Laboratory Services encompass:

  • Ambient air and stack emissions monitoring  
  • Food quality evaluations
  • Drinking, catchment, recycled and desalination water monitoring
  • Sediment assessment for dredging, capping and natural recovery
  • Occupational monitoring and industrial hygiene
  • Waste characterization

In addition to testing services, our laboratories work with clients to innovate and adapt manufacturing and treatment processes and identify new, sustainable technologies that can improve environmental performance.

Ramboll’s analytical chemists and toxicologists collaborate to support clients and regulators who are addressing new compounds and chemicals of interest.


Ramboll offers experienced ecotoxicologist to assist in your understanding of whole effluent toxicity (WET) testing and related compliance and biological testing. Ramboll’s ecotoxicologists have over 20 years’ experience in the WET testing industry. They are skilled in reviewing and understanding National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits in numerous states.  

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