Water supply & leakage

Drinking water is the most vital resource and human intake we have. A safe and reliable drinking water supply 24 hours a day - seven days a week - is therefore crucial for any well-functioning society.

Water leakage


Turid Odegaard

Turid P. Ødegaard

Country Market Director, Water in Norway
T: +47 930 36 535
Annette Raben

Annette Raben

Country Market Director, Water in Denmark
T: +45 51 61 83 27

We help our customers choose the optimal financial and energy-efficient solution within the areas of:

  • Water resource identification
  • Water quality and water chemistry
  • Surface water intake management
  • Well field optimisation and 3D groundwater modelling
  • Water supply treatment processes
  • Water distribution and water networks
  • Setting district metering areas
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Pressure zones and energy optimisation
  • Leakage reduction
  • Non-revenue water management
  • GIS and web-based solutions
  • Accounting system for utilities
  • Assets management
  • Pipeline rehabilitation
  • Water supply management and strategic planning
  • Support to operation and maintenance
  • Reusing of rainwater water sources
  • Emergency planning
  • Emergency support during drinking water contamination

Ramboll has many years of experience with all phases of water supply consulting services from the source to design of water supply systems and high tech software solutions for administration of water supplies.

Safe and reliable water supply

Ensuring the high quality of drinking water requires constant focus on the water supply intake as well as the water treatment processes at the waterworks. With design of a large number of waterworks both based on groundwater abstraction from well fields and surface water treatment. Our key expertise covers process design, layout and detailed design as well as evaluation of biological, chemical and physical processes at existing waterworks. Hence, we can help you with both new facilities and with plant modernisation related to surface water intake and treatment as well as well field establishment and groundwater abstraction and treatment.

Our mission is to follow each project through all stages, from conceptual ideas and analysis, through process dimensioning and conceptual design, detailed design and tendering to construction and commissioning of the plant. Our preferred role is to act as lead consultant, where we take responsibility for process design, mechanical engineering and can use our resources within other technical disciplines such as civil, structures, HVAC, electrical engineering and automation.

Strategic water supply planning

Everywhere, there is an increased demand to water utilities, not least as a consequence of strengthening the national drinking water legislations and EU requirements. Our long and broad experience in supporting water utilities and developing water supply plans helps us transform these increased requirements into practical solutions. Our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience when we assist them in the creation of water and action plans.

Ramboll’s experienced specialists in water planning work closely with local governments and regularly involve politicians and administrative personnel. We apply the most recent Geographic Information System (GIS) tools in our work and supply our customers with customised digital water plans.

Emergency preparedness

A vital part of providing safe and reliable water supply is to establish a solid emergency plan to ensure the right level of emergency preparedness for the most critical situations. An on-site visit is made at the waterworks going through processes together with the utility operators and an in-depth discussion with the managers may indicate the weakest or most critical points in the supply chain. These findings are transformed into setting up emergency measures for the water utility and thereby eliminate or significantly reduce the risks for the drinking water consumers.

Decreasing non-revenue water

The planned operation and systematic maintenance of water treatment facilities can prevent most problems from occurring and provides our customers with the confidence to commit extra resources only where necessary.

Leakage reduction and decreasing non-revenue water is very important for proper management of a water utility and most countries have initiated leakage detection programmes to reduce water losses from pipelines. Establishment of district metering areas and sectioning the water distribution network is a strong tool to identify areas with most leakages and prioritise the efforts. Ramboll has developed a straightforward accounting and metering system that allows the water utility to manage the administration as well as providing web-based interface for customer service. Further, Ramboll provides a range of GIS-based software tools for pipeline registration, leakage registration, rehabilitation of pipelines and input for water supply planning.  

Energy optimisation is another important measure to secure a well-functioning water utility. Establishment of pressure zones by setting up hydraulic model for the distribution system may significantly reduce pipe bursts together with reducing the energy consumption from pumps and booster stations.

Water reuse

Many regions around the world face serious problems regarding limited water resources. Ramboll, has advised authorities in the possibilities of reusing water, e.g. recharge from rainwater, and still securing a safe drinking water supply. It can be noted that at the head office of Ramboll in Copenhagen, rainwater is reused to decrease Ramboll’s own water consumption.

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