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Sustainable remediation


What is sustainable remediation?

Contaminated site remediation focuses on reducing potential human health risks and environmental degradation. While health and safety remain critical considerations, sustainable remediation also supports: 

 Reduced environmental footprints
 Higher community involvement
 Improved cost savings

In sustainable remediation the net benefits on human health are greater than the impacts of the remediation work on the environment, society, and economy. Selection of a sustainable remediation strategy is achieved by using a balanced decision-making process.


Informed decisions with sustainability assessment

Sustainability Assessment is the practice of evaluating the potential impacts of remediation to environment, society, and the economy. Rather than focusing solely on reducing contamination levels, sustainability assessment helps to achieve more sustainable site redevelopment.

SURE by Ramboll provides the necessary tools for making informed decisions with sustainability assessment at a project level. It provides a systematic process for identifying and evaluating impacts attributable to alternative options for remediation, helps communicate decision making criteria with stakeholders, and records the overall decision-making process for compliance support.



SURE Benefits


Sustainable remedial option selection for Fire dam

A fire pond containing sediment contaminated with heavy metals was planned to be used in a road widening scheme for bus traffic.

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Sustainable risk management near a classified NATURA 2000 area

An old shooting range located near a classified NATURA 2000 protected natural area was identified as a potential national priority site.

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SURE by Ramboll is designed to reduce the complexity of reviewing and communicating environmental,  social and economic impacts at the project level.

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