Action to stop global warming at 1.5°C

The 2021 UN climate summit takes place in Glasgow, UK, from 31st October – 12th November. It’s a make-or-break opportunity for governments to agree ambitious national carbon reduction targets and put the world on course to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The summit must also agree action to protect communities and natural habitats and mobilise meaningful funding to support climate adaptation and resilience measures in developing countries.

We believe COP26 is the last best chance to drive action at speed and scale and we want to be part of the solution. World leaders, businesses and industry, and citizens must all take ambitious steps to accelerate the green transition. Ramboll is participating at COP26 and sharing insights to support governments and businesses in taking their climate action to decarbonise, adapt and drive sustainable change. 

Meet Ramboll at COP26

Together with partners, Ramboll is taking part in events at and around COP26 in Glasgow. Find out where to meet Ramboll. 

Insights to accelerate change

Five novel approaches from Scotland to decarbonising energy

Unlikely sources of carbon-free heat are helping Scotland demonstrate what a green energy transition could look like for buildings and urban spaces - setting an example for the world to follow.

Here’s a look at five ways Scotland’s towns and cities are re-thinking the urban environment to meet the demand for carbon-free energy and setting an example for the world to follow. Read the article

Supporting sustainable research and innovation

Funding early career research

Each year Ramboll’s Foundation awards €65,000 to an outstanding early-career researcher whose work represents extraordinary contributions to sustainable development. This years’ theme is the green transition in the energy sector, with the winner being announced later in November. Last year saw Colin Rose from the UK win based on his research into cross-laminated secondary timber (CLST).

Find out more about CLST

Gift of Hope - low-carbon sculpture's legacy to Glasgow and COP26

A collaboration led by Ramboll and Steuart Padwick and supported by 50 other collaborators, will see an inspirational sculpture being erected in Glasgow’s Cuningar Loop park. As an official COP26 legacy project, it embraces the best in sustainable design and construction approaches, aims to inspire us all to create a more sustainable future and remind on the importance of our natural environment.

More about the Hope Sculpture project

Collaborations driving sustainable action

Building energy islands in balance with nature

Denmark needs renewable energy generated from two energy islands linked to offshore wind farms to achieve its ambitious climate goals by 2030. Ramboll will assess impact of the planned Baltic Sea energy island on the surrounding marine environment.