UN Global Compact

UN Global Compact

Ramboll joined the UN Global Compact in January 2007. This was a natural continuation of Our Fundamentals, our commitment to providing sustainable solutions to people and society, and the increased need for common Corporate Responsibility (CR) goals and procedures in Ramboll.

Contact at Ramboll: Neel Strøbæk

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Nordic Edge

Ramboll has partnered with Nordic Edge, which works in collaboration with municipalities and city administrations to promote solutions for smarter cities and communities. Ramboll and Nordic Edge are hosting a series of roundtable discussions bringing together experts to answer the question: “What is the next level for liveable cities and how can smart city solutions enable this?”
Contacts at Ramboll: Mads Gyldenkærne and Anna Rannisto
Danish Cleantech Hub

Danish Cleantech Hub NYC

The Danish Cleantech Hub NYC is a single point of entry for all cleantech related activities in New York. They provide the local platform and strong network necessary to bringing Danish solutions into play in New York.

Contact at Ramboll: Mette Søs Lassesen

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State of Green logo

State of Green

State of Green is a public-private partnership founded by the Danish Government, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Energy Association, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the Danish Wind Industry Association. As the official green brand for Denmark, State of Green gathers all leading players in the fields of energy, environment, urban solutions, water, circular economy and climate adaptation and fosters relations with international stakeholders interested in learning from the Danish experience. 

Contact at Ramboll: Neel Strøbæk

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Ramboll is proud to have a number of partnerships with organisations of strategic importance such as: