The World Bank estimates that nearly a billion people lack access to a road that is passable year-round. Ramboll UK has partnered up with the IABSE Foundation to send a team of five volunteers each to rural Uganda to build the first industry sponsored footbridge in the country. This stunning 70m long footbridge will bring transformative access to an entire isolated community in rural Uganda, ensuring that the 1,300 residents of Namawukulu are able to safely and reliably reach critical resources, even during the rainy season. Read more.

Our extensive volunteering and charity initiatives vary from country to country and culture to culture, but all involve the time and expertise of employees. 

More than a place to work

In the UK, employees have the opportunity to spend one paid working day per year on volunteering work as well as join a charity task group. In India, a proportion of our turnover goes to local humanitarian activities such as an initiative to improve women's education which we supported in 2017. And in Denmark, the Humanitarian Society has supported orphanages in India and Africa since 1992.  

Many employees also choose to spend some of their spare time working with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) on specific projects such as sanitation or buildings in areas of need. We encourage as many employees as possible to participate in volunteering work as we strongly believe making a difference benefits both the individual and the company.

Engaging with NGOs

Ramboll is a member of several NGOs, working with many different aspects of volunteering and charity, from mentoring of refugees and immigrants locally, to direct disaster response and active engineering aid abroad. The Ramboll Foundation (Rambøll Fonden) receives applications from employees and NGOs, often in collaboration, who seek funding for various aid projects. Read more about Foundation-supported projects on the pages of The Ramboll Foundation. 

One NGO which Ramboll volunteers engage with on a long-term basis is Engineers Without Borders, where they employ their professional skills in improving living conditions around the world.

Examples of other Ramboll-NGO cooperation:

  • Terre des Hommes: An NGO which has been supported by the Ramboll Humanitarian Association since 1992 and which donates money to improve the life of children in nine different countries.
  • Foreningen Nydansker: Danish NGO helping to integrate immigrants and refugees into the job market and society at large; Ramboll Denmark is a member.
  • The Red Cross: Long-term collaboration in Sweden on WASH, e.g. in the Rohinga refugee camp in Bangladesh.
  • ActionAid UK: An international charity working with the poorest women and girls in the world, changing lives for good.
  • RedR: People and skills for disaster relief, RedR trains life-savers, giving people the skills to be ready for, and respond to major disasters like earthquakes, floods, conflict and drought.  
  • Global Alliance for Urban Crises: A global, multi-disciplinary and collaborative community of practice. It is a ‘network of networks’ working to prevent, prepare for and effectively respond to humanitarian crises in urban settings.