Jens-Peter Saul, Ramboll CEO

“Sustainability is an integral part of our business – we are dedicated to embedding and sharing best practices that bring added value to our clients whilst constantly improving our own performance.” 

 - Jens-Peter Saul, Ramboll CEO

Ramboll’s Group Sustainability & CR function is responsible for developing and executing the sustainability strategy, ensuring integration with business units and other relevant corporate functions, and ensuring line of sight to Ramboll’s legacy, vision, mission, commitments and policies within the mandate of the Sustainability & CR Committee. 

Sustainability & CR Committee

The Sustainability & CR function is governed by the Sustainability & CR Commit-tee that acts as a steering group and consists of management representatives from Ramboll’s business units.  The role of the Committee is to ensure that Ramboll delivers on its strategy to become a recognised leader for sustainable solutions, that our sustainability business potentials are explored and activated, and that our service portfolio meets market demands for sustainability. 

Board adoption and oversight

Ramboll’s Communication on Progress Report is anchored with the Group Executive Board, and the responsibility for developing, communicating and ensuring compliance and reporting on Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility lies with the Sustainability & CR function.  
The status and progress of sustainability and CR is reported to the Group Board of Directors who convey the information to the Ramboll Foundation (the majority owner of Ramboll) annually.


In Ramboll, sustainability and CR are implemented through our operating model covering six markets: Buildings, Transport, Water, Environment & Health, Energy, and Management Consulting – as well as our geographical operations.  It is further supported by the corporate functions of HR, Operational Excellence & Risk Management, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Markets, Sales & Clients, Digital & Innovation, and Communications and Branding. Our Project Excellence programme is central in implementing sustainability in our projects.