Reporting and Acting Transparently

Ramboll’s annual Corporate Responsibility (CR) report is made in compliance with the UN Global Compact and other relevant legislation such as the EU directive for Non-Financial Reporting and the Danish Financial Statements Act §99 A and B.

The purpose of Ramboll’s CR report is to communicate Ramboll’s sustainability and corporate responsibility performance, policies, achievements, results and ambitions to all relevant stakeholders.

Ramboll reporting includes quantified measures in relation to human rights, equality, health & safety, business integrity, and environmental management.

Reliable, comparable and standardised reporting

Ramboll has aligned its reporting with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 Reporting Framework. GRI is a global reporting framework that provides performance indicators on social, environmental and economic performance, applicable to all organisations of all types and industries, across the world. The GRI framework helps Ramboll to generate reliable, comparable, relevant and standardised information on our holistic performance.