We contribute to all 17 SDGs and they form the basis for defining our future strategic direction. We have mapped which of the SDGs are focal points for each of our Markets.
Responsible consumption and production


Ramboll makes a significant and direct contribution to the SDGs through all our buildings services, which span from architecture, consultancy, planning and design. This range of expertise enables us to develop liveable buildings that prioritise social, environmental and economic sustainability. Through sustainable design, including the selection and use of sustainable resources and materials, we create healthy indoor climates and energy-efficient buildings. We also take seriously our responsibility in mitigating potential negative impacts stemming from energy use and materials. 
Relevant services:
Industry, innovation and infrastructure


By developing and providing quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient mobility solutions and infrastructure, we help increase resource-use efficiency and the adoption of cleaner and environmentally sound technologies. With a particular focus on smart mobility, urban green infrastructure and resilience, and pedestrian and bicycle solutions, we are able to offer clients all-encompassing sustainable transport solutions. 

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Clean water and sanitation


Ramboll's Water services impact directly on the development of water and climate change solutions across the entire water cycle - from water resources and networks, processing and treatment to sewerage and discharge. And our technical services provide for the cost-effective and sustainable design and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems to play a significant role in reaching global sustainability goals. 

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Good health and well-being

Environment & Health

Our Environment & Health services help clients minimise their environmental footprint with solutions that prevent or mitigate negative impacts on ecosystems and public health. We work in a wide variety of industries such as chemicals, food, and consumer products, and we help companies comply with regulations and develop more sustainable products.  

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Affordable and clean energy


We provide world-class solutions within wind energy, thermal power, energy from waste and district energy. And we advise on energy strategies and master planning within the full range of energy production technologies as well as energy transmission and distribution. We also mitigate and prevent potential negative environmental impacts of the projects we engage in. 

Relevant Services:
Energy planning and District energy
Power systems and Power generation
Energy from waste
Wind Energy
Oil and gas


Sustainable cities and communities

Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting business is based on evaluation and research services in areas such as employment, integration, education, and social affairs. We also assess the social, environmental and economic impacts and effects of large projects and investments to ensure that they provide maximum value for our clients and society. By combining our strong methodologies in policy design, evaluation and economics with Ramboll’s other service areas, we provide sustainable solutions within climate, energy and utilities. 

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