Incept Sustainability Tool

The Incept Sustainability Tool provides a blend of flexible e-learning and company analytics, improving the employees' sustainability knowledge whilst also providing the company with tailored recommendations and insights based on employee input. You can learn more about the tool on the Incept Sustainability website.

Impact assessments

Ramboll continuously conducts environmental, social and economic assessments to effectively address potential project impacts.

We combine the highest methodological standards with an evidence-based approach and in-depth knowledge of the public sector’s welfare domains, as well as private sector needs within energy, transport, climate, water and environment. This enables us to understand and meet client demands whilst improving project outcomes.

Impact assessment

Tools for sustainability in the built environment

Ramboll’s hundreds of experts working with sustainability in the built environment can offer their expertise with a range of tools, such as

  • The Sustainability Toolbox. In collaboration with clients and partners, we use this tool to highlight relevant focus areas and define ambition levels.
  • We have global expertise in Life Cycle Assessments, timber structures, energy optimisation and to design carbon neutral buildings. Our human centric approach places the health & well-being of building users in the centre of design.
  • Our experts master more than 20 global recognized environmental certification schemes such as LEED, BREEAM and DGNB that document the sustainability impact of all types of building projects.
  • Ramboll Norway has created ReHub for connecting supply and demand of reusable building materials with supporting features, including a cost/C02 analysis tool. 
  • Making the complexity of climate adaptive planning simpler: Ramboll GreenScenario is a software-augmented, data-driven design process for climate adaptation planning made intuitive, transparent and collaborative.

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Transport sustainability tools

We know road data analysis can be used to reduce costs, emissions and injuries – but only if presented in a way that is useful and clear. Waywize products are road data tools that reduce costs, injuries and carbon emissions.

Environment sustainability tools

  • Air quality measurements: Let SHAIR uncover the insight you need to take action and effectively improve air quality in your city.
  • Sustainable Remediation: In sustainable remediation the net benefits on human health are greater than the impacts of the remediation work on the environment, society, and economy. Selection of a sustainable remediation strategy is achieved by using a balanced decision-making process, which is where Ramboll’s tool SURE can help.

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