Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ)

Ramboll is a people company and caring for our employees’ well-being is ingrained in our company Fundamentals. 

We put health and safety first through a zero-harm culture and safety in design. We want to ensure a zero-harm culture for our clients, employees, and the surrounding communities, no matter if it is in the office, on the construction site, or on other field sites. We want to minimise the risk of harm by facilitating an ongoing dialogue about physical and mental well-being as well as providing our employees with the necessary tools and equipment to embody our zero-harm culture in their daily work. 

Certified partner

Ramboll’s global Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) management system centralises our risk assessment procedures, informs training to our employees, and defines our Health & Safety incident reporting processes.

Our HSEQ management system, entitled “How We Act”, complies with and is certified according to international recognised standards ISO 9001 on quality management, ISO 14001 on environmental management and ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001) on occupational health and safety management. How We Act contains Group policies that define our systematic approach to identifying, managing and monitoring risks as well as our ongoing commitment to improving our performance. It respects internationally recognised HSEQ principles, such as the UN Global Compact and the FIDIC Integrity Management Guidelines. Ramboll and external certification bodies regularly conduct audits of our HSEQ management system. 

Training in Health & Safety

In connection with Health & Safety, knowledge management is an important lever to ensure common understanding regarding important work-related health and safety. All employees in Ramboll receive Health & Safety awareness trainings to inform about the main Health & Safety risks and hazards, how to mitigate them and how to act on Health & Safety.

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