Ramboll’s Approach to Project Delivery

We use the same approach to project management across Ramboll Group. Our project model is based on internationally recognised standards and best practice from Ramboll’s most experienced project managers.

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We have been delivering on projects for our clients for since 1945. Today, we provide consultancy on almost every aspect of a large range of projects – from the highly technical details to the processes that enable successful results. We perform professional project management for multi-billion projects as well as small, local projects. 

Our long history of delivering results for our clients has enabled us to develop a Ramboll-specific approach to project management that draws on our best practices as well as internationally recognised standards. The Ramboll Project Model comprises a stage-gate model and tools that are scalable to all projects. The Model provides a clear and structured road map throughout the project cycle, enables collaboration, and facilitates the multi-disciplinary solutions that are needed to solve the complex issues of the present. 

Ramboll’s Project Model is specifically designed to facilitate continual collaboration and communication between clients and the project team. Our Project Model and decision gate processes provide common points of reference for ongoing dialogue - from discussing the initial project plan, to following progress, to evaluating the project upon completion. This supports a full understanding of client needs and ensures a successful process and outcome.

Through this approach, clients benefit from consistent project delivery excellence, innovative solutions, and access to the very best specialist expertise from the whole of Ramboll.

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