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We strive to be the consultancy that best equip our clients to navigate the most transformational megatrends in an increasingly complex world.


Markus Diederich

Markus Diederich

Managing Director, Management Consulting
T: +45 51612647

With 600 management consultants and an additional 16,500 technical experts to pull from, we provide our clients with precisely the insights and services they need. 

Sustainable society consultants

Our mission at Ramboll is to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish. This is our driving force and the reason why we are one of the fastest growing consultancies within sustainability consulting.

In the decade of action, companies need management consultants who can turn ambitions, strategies, and goals into tangible actions. This is us. Infused by technical engineering competences and superior collaboration skills, we help clients navigate the broad, complex sustainability transition. Helping them move from merely setting and committing to reducing and achieving. For instance, reducing carbon, reducing inequalities. Achieving net zero, achieving liveability.

In a local market

Buying consultancy services is often about finding the people who can distil global knowledge, apply proven concepts and deliver those in a local context. We are just that.

Serving clients from offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, UK, and USA, we know the local societal and legislative infrastructure of each country. As a result, we not only advise the private sector, we are also sought after for our best-in-class services on public sector development.

Our sector expertise includes notably:

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Financial Institutions & Investors
  • Industry & Manufacturing
  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • City Development & Property
  • Government & Public Agencies

Recent updates

Ramboll Management Consulting named ‘Power brand’ in Denmark

In a new analysis by MyResearch, Ramboll’s Management Consulting practice dominates the rankings and claim the title ‘Power brand’.

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Ramboll recruits Fairtrade CEO to advance sustainability consulting in Norway

Ramboll’s sustainability consulting practice keeps expanding. Now, Annabelle Lefébure-Henriksen joins to help clients from the Oslo office.

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Selected insights

Embodied carbon and how to tackle it

Even before the first occupant of a new building steps inside the building vast amounts of CO2 has been produced.

> This report offers ways to mitigate embodied carbon emissions.

Making the most of the EU Taxonomy

The EU Taxonomy requires European financial and non-financial companies to demonstrate the environmental sustainability of their economic activities.

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Combine E-learning and company analytics

Sustainability e-learning and analytics

Incept Sustainability is a platform for e-learning and analytics hosted and developed by Ramboll.

> Explore the tool here.

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