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Capturing value in the circular economy

The transition to a circular economy is perceived by many to be inevitable, due to the anticipated economic, environmental and social benefits. Yet, if so beneficial to society, why is the transition happening so slowly?

The EU Taxonomy Regulation: 5 reasons to start aligning today

The “EU Taxonomy Regulation” will require most European financial institutions and non-financial companies to outline the environmental sustainability of their economic activities. With less than a year to go, it is high time to align say two Ramboll experts. This article gives you five reasons why.

What is social sustainability?

To narrow-in on a trending term, this article explores what social sustainability is essentially about. Two Ramboll experts weigh-in and point to several domains of social sustainability.

Ramboll launches global service-line for strategic sustainability consulting

7 January 2021

With a clear ambition to grow in reach and impact, Ramboll now launches a new service-line for strategic sustainability consulting. Scandinavia, Central Europe, the UK, and the US will be key markets.

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Meet two of the experts helping private sector clients with sustainability strategy, CO2 impact assessments, target-setting and much more.

> Meet Niki Bey and Karin Simondon

Or check out the film on the right to see what delivering bright ideas for sustainable change is like for senior consultant, Cecilia.

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