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We help private and public organisations develop more sustainably - based on assessments, strategy, roadmaps, and transformation support.

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How doing well is about doing good

Businesses that do good also do well according to more than 300 peer-reviewed academic sources. Why? Employee engagement seems to be one, vital part of the equation.

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Sustainable recovery: Decisions, planning and goals after lockdown

Recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic must be based on long-term planning for an inclusive and prosperous strategy that take all aspects of economic, social and environmental sustainability into account. In this article, four of Ramboll’s experts within social and economic impacts propose a framework for understanding the likely progress of Covid-19 and its impact on economies, and the entry points for businesses and governments to react.

New Ramboll report shows the way to massive CO2 savings in buildings sector

10 June 2020

In a new report for the European Environment Agency, Ramboll and partners investigate how circular economy approaches can lower carbon footprints in several sectors. A deep dive in the buildings sector points to potentially 60% reduction in emissions by 2050 compared to a baseline scenario. 

Sustainability: Why companies must take full responsibility for their supply chain

As more companies state bold ambitions to become carbon neutral, it is a blessing in disguise. Too few take end-to-end responsibility for their supply chain, and as a result, they oversee the need for profound, sustainable change.

Meet our experts

Learn more about our people and projects

Meet two of the experts helping private sector clients with sustainability strategy, CO2 impact assessments, target-setting and much more.

> Meet Niki Bey and Karin Simondon

Or check out the film on the right to see examples of how we work to empower sustainable change in the public sector.

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Sustainability Assessments

Any plan of moving forward, should sit on a foundation of solid assessments. With our deep expertise in sustainability assessments, we help you make sense of the world around you.

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Strategy & Road Mapping

There is an urgent need for organisations and societies to transform the way they integrate sustainability. We help organisations find their way in this global call for action.

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Getting from plans to action is not easy. Especially in emerging areas like sustainability where few organisation can lean on best practises and fast successes.

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Progress Tracking

Following progress is essential in order to know, if you are successful, need to do more or perhaps re-configure to meet your targets. We help you do just that.

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