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We help private and public organisations develop more sustainably - based on assessments, strategy, roadmaps, and transformation support.

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How doing well is about doing good

Businesses that do good also do well according to more than 300 peer-reviewed academic sources. Why? Employee engagement seems to be one, vital part of the equation.

Carbon offsetting; a risky business for businesses

As businesses turn to carbon offsetting to meet their CO2 reduction targets, they need to fare with great caution. A new study by Ramboll Management Consulting questions the effects of carbon offsetting, even for approved projects.

A call to action: Why the buildings material sector needs to tackle embodied carbon

When gazing at a beautifully designed building, carbon emissions are likely not the first thing that comes to mind. But they are there. Hidden. Embodied. Drawing on a recent report, two sustainability experts point to a new opportunity space for buildings material companies.

UNLEASH: 1,000 talents unite to create sustainable solutions

The world’s largest innovation lab around the sustainable development goals, UNLEASH 2019, took place in November in Shenzhen, China. 1,000 talents took part. One of them Kristina Broens representing Ramboll Management Consulting.

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Meet two of the experts helping private sector clients with sustainability strategy, CO2 impact assessments, target-setting and much more.

> Meet Niki Bey and Karin Simondon

Or check out the film on the right to see examples of how we work to empower sustainable change in the public sector.

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Smart Mobility
Making transport about people

Click below to read our capability statement, more information about Smart Mobility.

Smart Mobility
Response #8
Moving towards sustainability

Engineering consultancies have a major role to play in fulfilling the UN's Sustainable Development goals, according to experts.

Read more in Ramboll's Response magazine #8

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