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Certification mechanism to help guide the EU to climate neutrality

The European Union aims for a climate neutral continent by 2050. To enable this transition, there is a need for a certification mechanism to validate carbon removal solutions that offset unavoidable emissions. Ramboll is one of the key partners enabling this ambition.


The EU Taxonomy Regulation: 5 reasons to start aligning today

The “EU Taxonomy Regulation” will require most European financial institutions and non-financial companies to outline the environmental sustainability of their economic activities. With less than a year to go, it is high time to align say two Ramboll experts. This article gives you five reasons why.

Rethinking Logistics for a Greener Tomorrow

Currently, the transportation sector accounts for 7% of global carbon emissions. According to Ramboll experts, this number is expected to increase dramatically by 2050, which leaves a clear incentive for the industry to deliver significant reductions in emissions in the years to come.

Ramboll acquires sustainability start-up

13 April 2021

With an ambition to empower sustainable change in all types of companies, Ramboll has acquired a small start-up company providing sustainability e-learning and analytics.

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