Assisting clients around the world on today’s most challenging PFAS issues

Practical solutions for PFAS in water, air, soil, sediment and consumer products

Reducing PFAS risks and liabilities for over 20 years

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Providing expert solutions to PFAS challenges
for more than 20 years

For more than two decades, Ramboll has helped clients around the world resolve their most critical PFAS issues. Our multi-disciplinary expertise and experience has been instrumental in assisting clients in reducing a wide range of risks and liabilities related to PFAS source treatment and control, site remediation, product safety and stewardship, regulatory compliance and environmental due diligence.

PFAS cross Market solutions

Why Ramboll?

  • Global network of experts with local knowledge of the rapidly evolving PFAS scientific, regulatory, and treatment landscape
  • Proven 20-year history of thought leadership on reducing PFAS risks and liabilities
  • Extensive practical experience, along with insight into evolving PFAS regulations and emerging technical topics
  • Innovative, industry-leading forensic approaches to characterizing PFAS sources
  • Unique combination of expertise in PFAS chemistry, health effects, and engineering

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